EOS Code of Conduct

Transparency and the health of the EOS Network is paramount in our beliefs as a Block Producer and supporter of EOS. Below, we disclose our Ownership Model, Member Owners and Code of Conduct.

Structure and Ownership

Staked LLC is a Delaware LLC.

Staked LLC has not taken funding from any external partners.

Staked LLC has three members: Tim Ogilvie, Seth Riney and Jonathan Marcus.

Our Code of Conduct

Staked will adhere to the EOS Network Constitution & Block Producer Agreement.

Staked will disclose all owners to the public.

Staked will remain independent from other Block Producers.

Staked pledges to uphold community voted arbitration and maintain transparency and silence during any case.

Staked will not pay for EOS votes, including personal favors and bribery, or collude for votes under any circumstances. We do dividend block rewards on other currencies that we support, but this is unavailable in EOS, as we adhere to the constitution.

Staked will always strive to set a higher standard in the best interest of the EOS network and community.